Sunday, February 05, 2006

How Does the Print Credit Work?

One question I get asked a lot is how the retail print credit works in our packages. Each package option comes with a print credit that is similar to a gift certificate. For instance, if you have purchased the Maroon Bells package and receive the $1000 print credit, you will be issued a code that you punch into the website with your photos on it. So if a 4x6 costs $6.00, ordering two of these reduces your print credit by $12.00. Order 25 5x7s and 10 8x10s, then even another 200 4x6 prints and you can just keep going until you burn up the $1000 credit. Beyond that, prints are then paid for via credit card after your print credit is used up.

Eye For Detail

The majority of our photographs are shot digitally in color, with the option of going to black and white, sepia, cross-processing or selective color interpretations as seen in this image. During the editing process following your wedding, we will concentrate our efforts to produce more (or less) of certain color styles, depending on your personal taste. Be sure to let us know "I love sepia, but don't care too much for black and white images," or "Get as creative as you want, Marc, with bringing back color on an image you have previously converted to black and white." The more we know about your personal tastes, the happier you will be with your final result.