Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Logo Coming Soon

I had a logo designed nearly 5 years ago and then ended up not using the result for various reasons. But I resurrected one of the final comps and then made some modifications and added an old film holder-style border to update the look. Here is the result--I have already run with it on marketing materials for my corporate portraits and it is getting some good feedback.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

O-Light Arrives!

...The following takes place between 3pm and 4pm...

++Fedex guy rings doorbell at 3:01 MST
++Overexcited portrait photographer Marc Littmann leaps up from office to answer telling delivery guy ring, letting out yelp of joy.
++He tears apart glistening shipping box and attaches new Orbis flash to barrel of camera lens.
++Marc conscripts 3 year old daughter to model. Daughter agrees, insists Strawberry Shortcake comes along.
++Marc and daughter love the result--O-shaped ringlight brings cool, celebrity light and shadow effect into arsenal of photographic tools.
++3:30::Marc still drooling over lighting possibilities...go here for scenes from the first test shoot of the O-light.

Testimonial from a Corporate Portrait Client

Just got this back from Gretchen Anthony of Tilt Consulting--we shot her portrait a few weeks back down on Pearl Street. Using nothing but natural light and some wonderful, overlooked alley walls, we came up with some beautiful and pleasing results. Here is a link to the session images, and here are some kind words Gretchen shared with MLP:

"Working with Marc Littmann for my professional photos was a terrific experience. I’ve worked with other photographers in the past and while they all have their unique strengths, Marc’s creative approach to his work resulted in a diverse portfolio of great shots. Marc’s photos show that while I’m a professional, I’m not just another stuffed suit!"

--Gretchen Anthony, Tilt Consulting

Monday, February 09, 2009

Palestinian-Israeli Relations Builder

Just realized I never posted on an event I have covered twice now for Seeking Common Ground. Have worked with this non-profit group 2 summers running. Entitled Building Bridges For Peace, this group brings together Israeli, Palestinian and American teens for 10 days up in the Colorado mountains to find common ground in their lives. The goal is to help build understanding while overcoming tremendous cultural and religious differences. Often they show up with bitter prejudices and leave as the closest of friends. It's a cool thing.