Thursday, August 30, 2007


From a recent trip to Williams, AZ, I shot this cafe sign along the street. A couple of topics come to mind on this shot--leaving out distracting details and, well, I'll leave the other topic out for now. The temptation here is to shoot the sign, the pole it was on, the front of the diner and even the street scene in the background. Boring! There would have been way too much activity for the eye to digest, leaving the viewer with an uninteresting photograph. Zooming in tighter overcomes much of this problem, allowing your eye to visually absorb what just the sign has to offer. And don't be afraid to crop in tight, even cutting off the edges of the subject a bit. The other temptation here is to go inside the diner and order a chocolate malt, greasy french fries and a tasty burger. But I wouldn't know anything about that now would I...?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Trash the Dress?!

a.k.a. Drown the Gown, this new trend is trying to break away from traditional views of the wedding dress. I personally go back and forth with the idea of destroying an expensive piece of clothing. Part of me thinks it is a wealth status symbol to frivolously destroy what can cost thousands of dollars. But then again if you are spending that kind of money to begin with on a dress and you hope to never need to wear another wedding dress again in your life, why not start your own tradition and go counter-culture? You can make some amazing photographs that don't even require you to demolish the dress. Taking a quick swim in your wedding dress or jumping on a trampoline? Why not? You can still get it cleaned later and preserved for posterity.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sharefest 2007

Forgot to post about our piece on the front page of the Lafayette newspaper earlier in the summer. The paper ran three of our photographs from our coverage of Sharefest 2007. Sharefest is an annual church-based event put together by many Boulder County churches to paint, clean and fix up something like 16 different public schools in the area. Over 2500 volunteers turned out and did some great work getting the schools ready for the fall start to the school year. Lots of fun! One school hadn't been painted since it opened nearly 22 years ago!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Fairview HS Class of '87 Reunion

It's fun catching up with one old friend you haven't seen for 20 years. But when you multiply that sensation times 200 all at the same moment, it can make your head spin! My 20 year high school reunion in Boulder, Colorado this past weekend was more fun than any human being should be allowed to have! For those of you who didn't attend or left before the bitter end, click through to see which classmate took the 'casual cocktail' dress code in an entirely new direction. What a fun time, Fairview HS class of'87!

View the reunion photographs here

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Unnecessarily Beautiful World

Customers have been asking to have easier access to view our landscape photography collections, so the links to our main body of nature work (i.e. those generally without bodies in them) can be found below. To view/purchase, follow this link:

Landscapes and other Unique Images