Thursday, August 30, 2007


From a recent trip to Williams, AZ, I shot this cafe sign along the street. A couple of topics come to mind on this shot--leaving out distracting details and, well, I'll leave the other topic out for now. The temptation here is to shoot the sign, the pole it was on, the front of the diner and even the street scene in the background. Boring! There would have been way too much activity for the eye to digest, leaving the viewer with an uninteresting photograph. Zooming in tighter overcomes much of this problem, allowing your eye to visually absorb what just the sign has to offer. And don't be afraid to crop in tight, even cutting off the edges of the subject a bit. The other temptation here is to go inside the diner and order a chocolate malt, greasy french fries and a tasty burger. But I wouldn't know anything about that now would I...?