Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pedicabs, Flatirons enroute to Going to the Chapel...

Yesterday was one heck of a wedding celebration. A rumble nearly broke out at Chautauqua Park in Boulder at the base of the Flatirons between my bride and another bride departing the scene, each posse of bridesmaids decked out in nearly identical yellow dresses. But with tensions simmering under the 90 degree heat of the first day of summer, a cool breeze mercifully settled things down and the day became a fun and thrilling ride from start to finish. Nearly 11 hours later, the longest day of the year according to the sun was actually one of the more enjoyable I've had in a while, and I was working the entire time!

We saw it all--my second photographer fell out of his pedicab while we were trying to photograph the bridal party at breakneck speed--no injuries, to people or equipment, thankfully! There were wardrobe malfunctions.

Reception tables challenged one another to death-defying stunts to one-up the other, from unique toasts to breaking into a conga line and more! There was no lack of energy! Katie and Rich and their guests made my job so much easier and more exciting with all the emotion and fun we had!

Oh, and I was kidding about the near-rumble with the other bride up at Chautauqua Park. But you never know what can happen when someone
yells 'Fight!' as 2 brides and her girls dressed to the nines pass each other!