Monday, March 23, 2009

Close Encounters of the 'Grizzly Moose' Kind...

Photographers are supposed to carry their cameras at all times. I tell this to everyone, even though I myself don't always have mine with me. But yesterday up in Rocky Mountain National Park above Estes Park, Colorado, I actually had mine with me. Too bad I wasn't quick enough to get it out in time to take a photo of the bull moose that charged down the hill through the snow and nearly ran me over! He turned towards me right after dropping right onto the snowpack just 9 feet away from where I stood and then looked up, saw me, then bolted the other way.

It all took about 5 seconds. At first I figured the moose bolted away from me due to a Canon sponsorship (I am a Nikon man), but ruled that out after remembering I was a little too preoccupied with survival and not making an amazing photograph to even reveal the proud contents of my camera bag to this charging behemoth.

My new rule--always carry a camera in your hand with lens cap off and ready to fire! And if you are wondering why this is a photograph of mama grizz and her cub from Yellowstone--I can't locate my favorite moose image from the Tetons--so enjoy these two playful little teddy bears until further notice!