Thursday, June 26, 2008

Found Objects Make Great Props...

Making use of props in a shoot can really personalize a photograph. At the last minute
we grabbed the football out of my car and also my bride's wicker picnic basket. These items can give your hands something to do during the shoot rather than fidget or be distracting.

Sometimes I find props for me to use behind the camera, items that help me stir up some creativity and keep me from photographically fidgeting. Props can also be techniques or concepts. Over the last few shoots I have attempted panoramics with results that have pleased me. Dale and Bridgit last night were great to have in front of the camera. They are naturally relaxed and able to be loose and comfortable being photographed. So adding a prop or two, as well as some fun lighting right at dusk, made for quite an enjoyable shoot.

See their engagement session shoot photographs here.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pedicabs, Flatirons enroute to Going to the Chapel...

Yesterday was one heck of a wedding celebration. A rumble nearly broke out at Chautauqua Park in Boulder at the base of the Flatirons between my bride and another bride departing the scene, each posse of bridesmaids decked out in nearly identical yellow dresses. But with tensions simmering under the 90 degree heat of the first day of summer, a cool breeze mercifully settled things down and the day became a fun and thrilling ride from start to finish. Nearly 11 hours later, the longest day of the year according to the sun was actually one of the more enjoyable I've had in a while, and I was working the entire time!

We saw it all--my second photographer fell out of his pedicab while we were trying to photograph the bridal party at breakneck speed--no injuries, to people or equipment, thankfully! There were wardrobe malfunctions.

Reception tables challenged one another to death-defying stunts to one-up the other, from unique toasts to breaking into a conga line and more! There was no lack of energy! Katie and Rich and their guests made my job so much easier and more exciting with all the emotion and fun we had!

Oh, and I was kidding about the near-rumble with the other bride up at Chautauqua Park. But you never know what can happen when someone
yells 'Fight!' as 2 brides and her girls dressed to the nines pass each other!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Panoramic Memory

Ellen and Dennis got married at the Loveland Sculpture Gardens at the beautiful, white marble work of art by artist Madeline Wiener entitled "The Conversation". We recreated the private ceremony they shared and I then shot several frames of them in a panoramic composition. Coming from a landscape photography background, I had not tried this technique with people in the composition. But I am very pleased with the resulting image, a flowing memory that honors both the private moment they shared, as well as faithfully keeping intact a sense of the setting where they chose to get married in their favorite place in "Loveland"!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sharefest 2008

We had a great time yesterday as 30 local churches in the Boulder, Colorado area got together for the 5th annual Sharefest event. Approximately 3,000 volunteers fanned out to paint, landscape and perform maintenance on local schools, fire stations and other non-profit organizations. We photographed several of the venues, along with a handful of other shooters. Everyone came together this morning at Mackey Auditorium on the CU Boulder campus to worship our God who makes it all possible. Great music, praise and fellowship was had by all. Click here for some of the images of yesterday's fun!

Go here for Sharefest 2008 gallery