Wednesday, February 18, 2009

O-Light Arrives!

...The following takes place between 3pm and 4pm...

++Fedex guy rings doorbell at 3:01 MST
++Overexcited portrait photographer Marc Littmann leaps up from office to answer telling delivery guy ring, letting out yelp of joy.
++He tears apart glistening shipping box and attaches new Orbis flash to barrel of camera lens.
++Marc conscripts 3 year old daughter to model. Daughter agrees, insists Strawberry Shortcake comes along.
++Marc and daughter love the result--O-shaped ringlight brings cool, celebrity light and shadow effect into arsenal of photographic tools.
++3:30::Marc still drooling over lighting possibilities...go here for scenes from the first test shoot of the O-light.

Testimonial from a Corporate Portrait Client

Just got this back from Gretchen Anthony of Tilt Consulting--we shot her portrait a few weeks back down on Pearl Street. Using nothing but natural light and some wonderful, overlooked alley walls, we came up with some beautiful and pleasing results. Here is a link to the session images, and here are some kind words Gretchen shared with MLP:

"Working with Marc Littmann for my professional photos was a terrific experience. I’ve worked with other photographers in the past and while they all have their unique strengths, Marc’s creative approach to his work resulted in a diverse portfolio of great shots. Marc’s photos show that while I’m a professional, I’m not just another stuffed suit!"

--Gretchen Anthony, Tilt Consulting