Monday, March 23, 2009

Close Encounters of the 'Grizzly Moose' Kind...

Photographers are supposed to carry their cameras at all times. I tell this to everyone, even though I myself don't always have mine with me. But yesterday up in Rocky Mountain National Park above Estes Park, Colorado, I actually had mine with me. Too bad I wasn't quick enough to get it out in time to take a photo of the bull moose that charged down the hill through the snow and nearly ran me over! He turned towards me right after dropping right onto the snowpack just 9 feet away from where I stood and then looked up, saw me, then bolted the other way.

It all took about 5 seconds. At first I figured the moose bolted away from me due to a Canon sponsorship (I am a Nikon man), but ruled that out after remembering I was a little too preoccupied with survival and not making an amazing photograph to even reveal the proud contents of my camera bag to this charging behemoth.

My new rule--always carry a camera in your hand with lens cap off and ready to fire! And if you are wondering why this is a photograph of mama grizz and her cub from Yellowstone--I can't locate my favorite moose image from the Tetons--so enjoy these two playful little teddy bears until further notice!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Takes Some Bawls To Do This...

In creating a new portfolio in our growing product photography segment, I collected two fascinating bottles, including a 12oz BAWLS Guarana bottle replete with divits that felt manly. I felt manly, for sure. Also threw in a Spanish wine bottle opener and a couple of flashlights for good measure. With a couple of speedlights placed around the set, I went to work painting the subject and the background with the flashlights. But then I explored with creating more of an earthy, volcanic theme as I pointed the flashlights back at the camera's shutter to create the streaks in the BAWLS shots. For the wine, I had my belly flat on the floor for an grasshopper's perspective of the bottle. That's why it looks so tall and commanding. But the quality of light from the handheld flashlights really drew my eye in--hope you agree.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Boulder Tree-Hugging, Bridal Edition

Saw someone do this in an ad some time back and wanted to try a double version of it with my engagement session clients this weekend. A little late for Valentine's Day, but handy to have, no less. True love? I think so.

See the session here.

Daddy, Daughter and a Taquito

You can't go wrong when you get daddy and his little girl and a grass wall behind them. And the taquito is always the perfect finishing touch!

See more here.